Bob’s Grill & Cafeteria – Conway, AR – 8th Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Bob’s Grill & Cafeteria
We stopped by this American Food Diner for the 8th order of Chocolate Chip Pancakes on the Gun Show Loophole Tour

Bright & basic local diner supplying hearty breakfast chow, burgers & other standard American eats.

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Brunch Cafe Huntley, IL – 4th Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Brunch Cafe in Huntley, IL
1st visit to this Brunch Restaurant in Illinois while stranded with a broken transmission. Thanks to Pink for the meal.

There is crumbled Bacon INSIDE these Chocolate Chip Pancakes 

The 4th order of Chocolate Chip Pancakes on the Gun Show Loophole Tour

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Green Vegetarian Cuisine – San Antonio, TX

Green Vegetarian Cuisine
Visited this vegetarian Restaurant with American Cuisine for the first time on Sep 5, 2017 during the gas shortage in Texas because of the Houston Hurricane. Food was OK, but I prob wont go back, they were polite, but disinterested in my order. It was not real busy, and the taste was only OK, food was all room temp, the fries were not very good

Eco-friendly spot serving a wide range of vegetarian, vegan & kosher fare in a bright, buzzy space.

10003 NW Military Hwy #2115
San Antonio, TX 78231
(210) 233-1249