Veggie Express – Frisco, TX

Veggie Express – Frisco, TX
Checked out this Vegan Restaurant for the first time on Sep 28, 2017 while passing through Dallas Area. This was one of the few Vegan options open at 7pm in east Dallas. Most of their menu is meat substitute, which I am NO fan of.

I tried a Broccoli dish, and it was VERY good, filling and flavorful

I’d like some to-go sauce options !!

I would go back even though most of the menu is fake meat and doesn’t appeal to me, the stuff I would try will be good I bet

100% Vegan !!! Super cool

Check out more pictures here

Another #TexasVegetarianRestaurant this one in Frisco, TX

Their specialty is faux-meat and classic chinese restaurant menu items

I dont like textured protein in thd placenof meat in dishes, so i. Just had a traditionaly meat-free broccoli dish
Big portion, pretty good, id go back, but id order something else, this was more sweet than i prefer


Veggie Express
8200 Stonebrook Pkwy #110
Frisco, TX 75034
(469) 850-9335

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