When I asked about #VeganRestaurants in #LasVegas the most responses were to try @VegeNation
So i stopped by to check out the menu and see where it is
Its not far from the strip, a medium/long walk or short Uber
Seemed like a good place, interesting menu
I arrived just as it opened at 8am and they were busy with the lady in front of me, but i did get to see a menu

I look forward to trying some of their food next time

Desert Roots

A recent visit to Desert Roots in Tempe (Phoenix), AZ

I found them on Google maps, verified on @happycowguide
Stopped in for breakfast and had their vegan Breakfast Buritto $8
Pretty good, nice flavor.

Bonus, I’m pretty sure they are #DeadHeads
#Vegan #VeganBreakfast #VeganBuritto#PhoenixFood #PhoenixVegan #EatAZ

(The last time it ran..) Parked in front of the big ‘A’ on the tiny hill in Tempe, near ASU

In front of @DesertRootsKitchen
I figure they might be #DeadHeads cause of this sign in their window & the #ShakedownStreet sign.. but nothing was playing while I was there

See my review on @happycowguide and @WhatDoYouEatThen website

Good place to eat, and I think I need to make a #StealYourAZ patch like that poster has on it !! #StealYourFace #VanLife #G30 #EatVegan#TempeAZ

Desert Roots in Tempe (Phoenix), AZ

Pomegranate Cafe

Vegan Monte Cristo at the @PomegranateCafePhx in Phoenix, AZ

Wow, this was an amazing sandwich. Their menu was full of interesting options, so I asked what their special was, and this sounded good.. I don’t think I ever ate a “real” Monte cristo, so I have nothing to compare it to. . But this was great!
And the mustard potato salad was worth a trip itself

The restaurant is just a mile or so off I-10 on the south (Tucson) side of Phoenix .. so it will be a regular stop in the future
#Vegan #VegetarianRestaurant

Pomegranate Cafe Phx
4025 E Chandler Blvd #28
Phoenix, AZ 85048
(480) 706-7472

Veg in a Box – Tucson, AZ

Veg Box Cafe
75 E Pennington St
Tucson, AZ 85701

Had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Tucson, Veg in a Box

Veg In a Box Food Truck on Facebook