Malgudi Garden – Plano, TX

Malgudi Garden
While in Texas for the Gun Rights Policy Conference 2017, I stopped by this Indian Restaurant & Buffet for dinner in east Dallas. It is GREAT !!

Vegetarian Buffet at Malgudi Garden in Plano, Texas

The buffet was great. Pizza (with an indian flavor) many types of rice & other pasta / breads, then 5 or 6 types of main dishes, salads, fruit, etc too

The flavors were out of this world, this is the way i like to eat new foods, at a buffet where I can sample all and learn what I like best

Cant go wrong in a vegetarian restaurant though, it will all be good

I didnt find this one on the@HappyCowGuide app, but it is on their website, so ill post a review and more pics




Globally inspired vegan & vegetarian fare is offered all day, including a daily high tea.

Malgudi Garden
5024 Tennyson Pkwy #200
Plano, TX 75024
(800) 886-5253

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