Zayna Mediterranean – Tucson, AZ

Jumbo Falafel Sandwich – Today it was mostly wet, warm iceburg lettuce, and mushy falafel, nasty white / pink tomato …bleh

I waited for some guy to order 10 gyros, so it took a long time and was made quickly (carelessly?) so if I order there again, I’ll be sure they are not as busy

Zayna Mediterranean
4122 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85712

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Baby Astronaut Food

Some of my favorite travel foods are these baby food pouches

  • Real fruit, Organic, no chemicals
  • Under $1 each
  • Needs no refrigeration, re-sealable, in a reusable container
  • Taste good cold or warm
  • Non-DeHydrated, non-FreezeDried
  • Fits 3 in a pocket easily


Tucson Tamale – Tucson, AZ

New Delhi Tamale !!
These are great, I get one each time in that part of Tucson

@TucsonTamale company
Tanque Verde & Kolb
#VegetarianLife #Vegan #TucsonVegetarian#TucsonFood #LookitThatBrownie !!

Curry vegan tamale from the north location of the Tucson Tamale Company.

Same great tamales, but the location is on Tanque Verde and Kolb

The curry vegan tamale is always my favorite, so I had two of these and one of the vegan blue corn

Vegan beans and rice for the sides and a brownie

Glad I was able to check out this location I’m sure I will stop by again #Tamale#VeganTamale #vegan #TucsonVegan