Zayna Mediterranean – Tucson, AZ

Jumbo Falafel Sandwich – Today it was mostly wet, warm iceburg lettuce, and mushy falafel, nasty white / pink tomato …bleh

I waited for some guy to order 10 gyros, so it took a long time and was made quickly (carelessly?) so if I order there again, I’ll be sure they are not as busy

Zayna Mediterranean
4122 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85712

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Baby Astronaut Food

Some of my favorite travel foods are these baby food pouches

  • Real fruit, Organic, no chemicals
  • Under $1 each
  • Needs no refrigeration, re-sealable, in a reusable container
  • Taste good cold or warm
  • Non-DeHydrated, non-FreezeDried
  • Fits 3 in a pocket easily